The Preprogrammin of a Child Essay examples

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A child is a blank book and a parent is the pen. A parent or elder makes a remark or takes action, and a child often will respond by mimicking what has been said or done. The essence of a child is one of innocence as well as gullibility. Adults serve as an abundance of knowledge, rules, and regulations, which a child is supposed to live and abide by. Not all children will obey the regulations expected of them, yet certain rules are more critical than others. When disciplining children, parents and adults take rules pertaining to gender specifications much more seriously than most other topics of obedience, without acknowledging they are practicing such behaviors. Gender distinctions are apparent within the way children are spoken to, how …show more content…
During the early 90’s, after LEGOS® first emerged, girls enjoyed this toy just as much as boys. Once the LEGOS® creators caught on to this development, pink and purple LEGOS® were invented specifically for girls. Now it was silently stated that it was wrong for girls to play with the regular LEGOS®, and boys to play with the girls’ LEGOS®. Such practices helped to categorize children and keep interaction between children of the same gender. It seems absurd to believe; yet even LEGOS® hold stereotypes and expectations of young inspired yet inexperienced children. The practice of the segregation of gender bias LEGOS® has been eradicated in the last couple of years. It may appear that the barriers in some respect are being broken down, and that color should not define a child’s gender, which is why this product has been reverted to the original design.
     Sports are an essential part of childhood. Children learn how to interact with their peers as well as learn how to follow rules. Little girls are shown a dance studio and cheerleading camp. Girls are given their prim and proper outfits, embraced by lace accents, and shown their place; a place, which lies on the sidelines. Boys, on the other hand, are shown the football field and told the sky is the limit. They even have their own cheering section. Girls seem to be placed on the back burner when

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