Essay about The Prevention Concept Analysis

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Prevention consists of the measures that are implemented to prevent occurrence of a disease or a condition and are directed towards eliminating or minimizing the impact of disease and disability. Prevention, being an emerging concept, calls for a lot of attention because the health of any individual is determinant of any other activity they carry out. It is, therefore, important to evaluate the concepts of prevention as used in the nursing profession.
Significance of concept
Prevention started ages ago and even proverbial sayings show its importance in the saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound.” Prevention is of great importance and is evident in vaccines saving millions of people from death each year. In psychiatric/mental
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The language of prevention from the health care perspective is aimed at creating a uniform understanding on terminologies used in the health care. Cappelli & Mobley (2008) view Prevention language as essential among health personnel in strengthening the integrated capacity for preventive action and community wellbeing. The public health is customary categorized into three groups: primary prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. The existence of a common understanding framework of prevention is essential in combining solutions and resources as well as sharing experience and skills (Kessler et al, 2013). Various organizations such as the world health organization and the national health partnership have attempted to develop frameworks for disease prevention. Rubin & Croaker (2006) says that the role of these frameworks is reinforcing and motivating opportunities for disease prevention as well as guiding the public on health terminologies.
Various disciplines have their own definitions for prevention depending on their approach and their intended results. in the medical sector it is defined as the action or actions that are intended to reduce the onset, cause, complications or reoccurrence of a disease (Russell, 2009). In the mental health sector it is defined as the psychological level of well being and ability to work productively . The public health department defines

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