The Process and Implications of the Emigration of Zimbabweans During

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Fleeing Zimbabwe: The Process and implications of the emigration of Zimbabweans during Zimbabwe’s post-colonial crisis
In the year 2000 Zimbabwe’s socio-economic standing crumbled due to the political decisions of the Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) ruled by Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe. This article examines the crisis of Zimbabwe, their trials and tribulations during the period between 2000 and 2009. As the political and economic situation worsened, a significantly increased number of Zimbabweans fled their country, emigrating to other countries such as Britain and South Africa, seeking alternative sources of income and better livelihoods. I will examine the effects that led to the crisis, now termed the
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Sam Moyo and Paris Yeros (2007b) argue that “the economic, social and political crisis that gripped Zimbabwe in the 2000s are a direct result of imperialism, neo-liberalism and peripheral capitalism that have characterized post independent Zimbabwe”. Other authors such as Mamdani (2008) analyse this crisis as part of neo-colonialism. Taking the direction of some authors, I will integrate the different views in this paper as I found that they overlap quite a lot.
The ZANU-PF received political strain from the MDC being their greatest opposing threat. The MDC gained popularity and Robert Mugabe responded to this by yet again bashing white farmers and British imperialists and the IMF (Bond & Manyanya, 2003:67). Violence struck in 2000 around the time of parliamentary elections due to political opposition that left much unclarified about the future on the country, furthering the Zimbabwean crisis. The army and police were overcommitted in endless battles to control the masses and instil fear on those who went against the ZANU-PF. Such actions by the ruling party of Zimbabwe led to the famous public knowledge of Mugabe being seen as a dictator by the citizens and the world at large. This fear of the dictatorship led to the migration of Zimbabweans who didn’t want to be caught in the cross fire of violence between opposing political parties. Perhaps Fanon (1963, 1961) coined the exact occurrence

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