The Pros and Cons of E.U. Enlargement Essays

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of E.U. Enlargement

European union integration and much more the euro are much-debated topics, however, with this there are two different sides that discuss the issue, euro sceptics and the pro Europeans who are for integration have quite different views. The advantages of enlargement are as follows; enlargement is necessary to avoid what is known as a 'two-tier' Europe (rich and poor countries); if and when the 13 new members join in 2004, it will create the biggest single market (which means no quotas or tariffs) in the world, bigger than that of Japan's and America's combined which means that trade between countries would become an easier challenge for all
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The European union will also now have a stronger role in world affairs, which is strengthened dramatically every time a new member joins. Such areas will include foreign policy, trade policy and in other parts of global governance. The economy of each country will be boosted and latest research shows that when enlargement occurs next year Britain's GDP will increase by 1.75 billion per annum and furthermore create at least 2 million new jobs in the candidate countries. The future for enlargement already looks well underway; candidate countries have strengthened their economies and new democratic institutions being set up as well as greater respect for the individual's wishes and the minorities.

The disadvantages however are much less than the benefits; firstly on joining if the candidate countries do choose to opt to use the euro, then in a sense they will lose their identity as each country before joining had their won currency and many pundits have also argued that national pride will also be lost as well. On joining all nations will hand over most if not all their sovereignty to Europe which means that they will no longer have great control over their laws or economic policy either. Further

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