The Role of Women in Western Europe and Japan Essay

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Women in Western Europe and Japan had similar and different roles religiously, politically, and economically. Religiously, women in Western Europe and Japan had some religious roles and had female religious leaders. Women in Western Europe were better off religiously, partly due to the ability to become a nun and take part in religious services, while women in Japan could not. Over time, women in Japan lost most of their religious rights, and ability to partake in ceremonies. In both areas, the women had few political roles and could not be in the bureaucracy. Japanese women's political rights slowly declined while Western European women's rights increased over time. Women in Europe had it better off politically with having the right to …show more content…
At one point, women from both regions could participate in services but they were lead by men. Japanese women did not have as many Shinto or Buddhist roles as the Western European women had. On the other hand, women in Western Europe and Japan were different, with the women in Western Europe being better off. Over time, the women of Japan lost the right to participate in religious ceremonies, and were not given the chance of becoming a nun, unlike in Europe. Especially when Ashikaga Shogunate came into power, Japanese women lost a lot of religious say. A woman in Western Europe had the opportunity and was encouraged to become a nun. However, becoming a nun was something more for the wealthier women. Becoming a nun gave women more privileges than they did previously. This included devoting more of their life to serving God, writing and copying religious manuscripts, spinning, and embroidering. Overall, they became more involved with the church. In Japan, women could not become nuns or religious leaders like in Europe; instead, they eventually lost their roles in Buddhist and Shinto rituals and ceremonies. Women could still believe and enforce Buddhism and Shinto but were no longer to teach the beliefs like nuns could. Women in Japan were less successful politically compared to those in Western Europe. There were a couple of women able to take the role of empress, Empress Koken being the last. In the late 700's, Koken was

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