The Romas’ Holocaust Journey Essay

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Did you know there was another group, besides the Jews, that Hitler wanted to exterminate completely? This group was called the Roma, or the Gypsies. They were a Nomadic group and were target because of their race. ”The total population of Gypsies living in Greater Germany and all the countries occupied by Germany during the war is unknown; scholars Donald Kenrick and Grattan Puxon have provided the rough estimate of 942,000.” (Who Were the “Gypsies”?) . The Nazis and Hitler saw the Romas as an “inferior group” and started rounding them up. Dr. Robert Ritter, a racial scientist, findings would fuel the Nazi beliefs of the “Aryan Master Race.” The Gypsies had the similar fate as the Jews and other groups of the holocaust.
The Romas
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According to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, two months later, the laws were put upon the Romas. These laws prohibit the Romas to marry or have intercourse with someone that could create a mix blood and basically made them a second class citizen. The Nazis believed that human beings could be classified collectively as races, with each race bearing distinctive characteristics that had been passed on genetically since the first appearance of humans in prehistoric times. These inherited characteristics related not only to outward appearance and physical structure, but also shaped internal mental life, ways of thinking, creative and organizational abilities, intelligence, taste, and appreciation of culture, physical strength, and military prowess.” (Victims of the Nazi Era: Nazi Racial Ideodogy) Hitler and the Nazis plans included to eradication of the Romas to create the perfect German society. They felt that the only way for Germany to be successful is was to have the perfect gene pool.
Feeding into the Nazi propaganda and believing in the perfect human society, Dr. Robert Ritter and Heinrich Himmler were two huge factors that contributed to the Gypsy’s nightmare. “The research of racial scientist Dr. Robert Ritter and his associates served both as instrument and justification for the Nazi regime to

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