The Significance of Ritual and Sacred Objects Essay

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Sam Veda once said, “Rituals that are performed with the desire of attaining salvation also helps a man to achieve growth and progress in this world.” Rituals play an integral part in every religion and the lives of its followers. These rituals develop followers into better people and link them with the divine. Ramadan is a month long religious ritual that holds great importance for the Muslim community. In order to learn more about this ritual I attended a service at mosque during Ramadan earlier this year. There I learned that Ramadan focuses on fasting from eating, sexual intercourse, etc. The fast is meant to allow Muslims to seek nearness to God, to express their gratitude to and dependence on him, atone for their past sins, and to …show more content…
The cycle occurred many times. Each time they would begin by standing, then reciting prayers out loud, then kneeling on the ground, and finally bowing and prostrating themselves to Allah or God. After the many cycles of prayer, they left the room and ate their first full meal of the night since it was past sunset. During dinner, members of the community explained Ramadan’s importance. Ramadan serves as the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar. During the entire month, Muslims fast during the daylight hours, resisting food, drink and other physical necessities. Ramadan purifies the soul and refocuses attention on God. Ramadan also calls for Muslims to strengthen ties with friends and family and to do away with the bad habits that hinder them. During Ramadan, they must also attempt to refrain from actions which sometimes may seem accidental. Every part of the body must refrain from unlawful action. The person must abstain themselves from letting their ears overhear obscenities. The person cannot allow their mouth to also speak obscenities and talk poorly on another and the feet must also be refrained from walking through sinful places. When Muslims refer to Ramadan as a time of “fasting” they mean fasting from physical impurities in addition to food in order to cleanse the soul and focus on worshipping God. I could not help but think how Ramadan engulfs every aspect of life for Muslims. Throughout the entire day Muslims constantly focus on thwarting

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