The Story of a Holocaust Survivor Essays

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When I was a child, a very close family friend of ours from Israel, Joyce Kleinman (now Wilner), and her sister Reisi Kleinman (now Greenbaum) entered the Auschwitz concentration camp at the ages of 15 and 12 years old. Years later, Joyce’s son Mike Wilner composed an interview that included his mother Joyce and Aunt Reisi outlining the significant events that led to the survival of both sisters and illustrated the events that took place during the Holocaust in which an estimated 6 million Jews were killed. Joyce began the interview by explaining the pre-war period. Joyce Kleinman was born to a beautiful home in Czechoslovakia on September 12, 1925. Although some discrimination was present, no significantly harmful acts were conducted …show more content…
Joyce claimed that she was the most talented employee among the 200 people working there, and she made 20 shirts in 1 hour. Although she was respected in the factory and the staff loved her, she was not allowed to leave Budapest and visit her family. During this period, around 1944, the Jewish people started becoming labeled. All of the women were required to wear armbands adorned with Jewish stars, while the men wore yellow armbands. Not only was Joyce not allowed to travel, but also she was also no longer getting paid for her work. The once wonderful factory that Joyce once worked in became a prison, with soldiers watching the workers that would shoot anyone who tried to escape. Joyce entered survival mode and thought of how she might visit her boyfriend, who lived across the street from the Red Cross. At the time, soldiers surrounded the building, which made it near impossible for a Jewish woman to enter the premises without being shot. Joyce disguised herself by taking off her stars and began walking toward the apartment complex. Joyce considered turning back as she was approached the building, but she knew she would look too suspicious if she did so; she felt like she would collapse as she walked past the guards without a word. Joyce knew she wasn’t safe in her boyfriend’s building, but there was nowhere else for her to go; she slept there until a soldier came knocking on the door one afternoon and imprisoned her once again. Back in

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