Essay on The Strange Case by Robert Louis Stevenson

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The functioning of the average human mind has intrigued and plagued philosophers and thinkers over centuries, one of the most curious and fascinating studies have been made into personages with dual personalities, schizophrenia being one of the factors. Similarly, in the book, The Strange Case, as well as in the film, Psycho, the books are taken place in late Victorian London, but Psycho is in late 60’s in the USA. The respective authors in these two texts portray that duality of human nature exists in society and humanity through the use of characterization and setting.

Stevenson in this story uses characterization to describe that duality of human nature exists in humanity and society:

“There comes an end to all things; my evil
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Norman rushes down from the other cabin…see the bloodstains being diluted and washed away by…water.” (Psycho)
His mother has taken the role of his alter ego. The scene depicts his mother has been doing all the killings and that Norman Bates is an innocent character. By the end of the book we realize that they are the same person because of one scene in the film. Schizophrenia is defined as a malady for an individual or a person with parallel personalities.

Through the use of setting in these two texts, we get a more in depth explanation of duality of human nature co-existing:
“ It was a large room fitted round with
 glass presses, furnished, among other things, with a cheval-glass
 and a business table, and looking out upon the court by three
 dusty windows barred with iron. The fire burned in the grate. (Stevenson 18) Stevenson describes the laboratory where they transform into each other, as a very dark place. During Dr.Lanyon’s Narrative, describes the moment as, “for there before my eyes…like a man restored form death… Edward Hyde”(Stevenson 41), when Jekyll drinks the potion and transforms into Hyde, the transformation shocks him and he dies because of the horrifying experience. The transformation explains Dr.Jekyll’s dual personality, Mr. Hyde. The entire questions that were left in answered came to a sudden solution. If we

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