The Theme of Jorneying in For A Journey by Alan Brownjohn and To The Virginian Voyage by Michael Drayton

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The Theme of Jorneying in For A Journey by Alan Brownjohn and To The Virginian Voyage by Michael Drayton

"The death of fear is in doing what you fear to do."

'Journey' is an encompassing word. The connotations of the word "journey" are:- trying to get from one place to another, going somewhere different to where you usually go, an adventure, a journey can be life itself. It is said that many people are afraid and prevented from life and they feel this because of fears they experience along the journey. The biggest fear of all can be the fear of change.

My purpose in this assignment is to explore the theme of "journeying" in two poems of my choice, paying particular attention to how the
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It was a time when the world became much more accessible to people, which led to the encouragement of travel, especially in western society. Alongside this ever-expanding range of experience, seemed to emerge an understanding and appreciation of different cultures. It was often argued that travel was helping to broaden people's horizons and making them educated and enlightened. Human beings achieved major things in the twentieth century. Yet despite all of this, Brownjohn outlines that journeying is safer where there is human contact and issues a strong warning journeying to unknown lands.

Michael Drayton, the poet who wrote 'To the Virginian Voyage' lived in the late sixteenth century - early seventeenth century, through most of the long, dominant reign of Queen Elizabeth I in England. This was a time of unprecedented travel and has become well known as the era of explorations and voyages. This phenomenon was due to many factors, like - better shipbuilding skills, detailed maps, the invention of compasses, religion - which was the supreme concern for everyone - especially after the Reformation (when protestants broke away from the Catholic church and set up their own church instead), many people were intent on spreading the religious faith. Thus they wanted to travel to new lands and educate the "savages", which was how they perceived the people who lived there. Drayton

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