The Theme of Materialism in "The Rocking Horse Winner" and "The Destructors"

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In D. H. Lawrence's "The Rocking Horse Winner" and Graham Greene's "The Destructors" the reader can immediately see both the differences as well as the similarities in both stories from the authors' choices of setting, tone, and characterization. The author's use of imagery and the plot in both stories makes it clear that materialism can play a great part in how people's attitudes and behavior are affected and altered towards others because of a lifestyle filled with misfortune. In "The Destructors" and "The Rocking Horse Winner", the authors' background and writing dispositions are very similar. Both authors are British and once lived in London. Lawrence and Greene both convey a setting that takes place after the Great Britain war. …show more content…
Though she is not the only character of the story, she seems to set the tone throughout the story as all the other characters caters to her greed and selfishness. The mother seems to sets the central tone, but there is another tone that D.H. Lawrence uses to contrast hers through her son Paul. He is lucky and confident in his ability to win while his mother is consumed in her own self-pity. In a similar way the author of "The Destructors" sets the tone in the beginning paragraph, however the tone itself is quite different. The tone of this story seems to be harsh and portrays the hardness and toughness that gang members must have to adapt and survive their anarchical environment. Throughout the exposition of the story the author uses phrases like, "If you don't shut your mouth", "someday you will get a frog down it", being "an object of mockery", and "Who cares" to set the tone of being tough in the dealing with others. Similarly, Trevor seems to set the overall tone throughout the story in that all the members of the gang caters to his obsession to destroy the house. In "The Rocking Horse Winner" all characters are static in that they stay the same throughout the story. The mother is greedy and unloving, Uncle Oscar uses Paul for his own financial gain once he finds out of Paul's gift, and

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