The Treaty of Versailles: A German "Victory" in 1918 Essay

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A German Victory in 1918

When the treaty of Versailles was signed June 28 1919 the whole world celebrated an allied victory, more importantly they celebrated victory over an evil empire set to destroy the world. This is the viewpoint taught to any American child who studies World War One. To suggest anything to the contrary could be construed as treason, after all the United States and Great Britain are good nations full of good people run by good democracies that fight the good fight and win the good fight and make our world a better place. Perhaps this too is a fallacy, the same kind of fallacy that said World War One was a war to end all wars and that victory would mean a long and lasting peace for generations to enjoy.

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The chaotic state of Europe at the time lead to Bolshevism and from there the Soviet Union would emerge and begin a long string of events. The Austria-Hungarian Empire which was the foremost western power in the Middle East collapsed and in that chaos the roots of Islamic Fundamentalism were allowed to flourish. All these events would lead to the twentieth century being a nightmare of destruction and warfare.

The myth that the war was a War to End All Wars contains the same fallacy as the myth that the Allies of World War One made the world a better place. I propose that in fact the Allies were the greater evil in the war and through their actions after the war's conclusion proved themselves to be the unknowing evil that would allow the world to essentially tear itself apart. I propose that Germany's victory in the Great War would have lead to a more prosperous and peaceful twentieth century for all nations.

Any person thus may ask himself why I have deduced such a strange conclusion and what proofs do I have for my theory. The conclusion I have reached can be gained for the most part from traditional logic and deduction, several historians such as Robert O'Connell propose many of my ideas as well as soon will be seen.

If nearly anyone were to be asked what the major disaster of the twentieth century was, the likely conclusion will be that World War II is the greatest evil the century brought upon itself. A victorious

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