The Volcanoes that Killed the Dinosaurs Essay

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“...99.9 per cent of all [species] that have ever existed are now extinct.” (Benton 1) After one hundred and sixty million years of domination, the reign of the dinosaurs ended in fire and ice. Sixty five million years ago, the largest volcanoes in the history of the Earth erupted across what is now India, effectively annihilating the dinosaurs by spewing out noxious gas and ash, that effectively blocked out the sun killing off most vegetation and breaking the food chain, leaving the dinosaurs to starve. Compared to other groups of animals the dinosaurs were the most vulnerable to such a climatic event and the result was the end of the dinosaurs’ glorious evolutionary history.
What is a Dinosaur? The main group of animals that went
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Then some dinosaurs were bipedal, meaning they walked on two legs, like flightless birds. Although with a group as diverse as the dinosaurs, there is always variation. For example, the therizinosaurus looks more like the prehistoric giant sloth than any dinosaur. The only lizard that walks on two legs, the Jesus Christ lizard, and then that is only when running across water.
Another key difference, against popular belief, is that the dinosaurs were warm-blooded. In order for the dinosaurs to have been so successful at dominating almost every niche they had available, they would have had to have been warm-blooded. A four hundred pound crocodile, is about fifty percent muscle, but at peak exercise, the cold-blooded crocodile, only has about fourteen percent the power of a similarly sized warm-blooded mammal. So working backwards, if mammals more efficiently use muscle power, and can out perform similarly sized reptiles, then how were they dominated so easily and completely by the dinosaurs? The dinosaurs must have also been warm-blooded. Also, there has been evidence that certain species of dinosaurs grew feathers, even though they did not have the ability to fly, therefore those feathers would most likely be used for insulation. Cold-blooded animals need to be able to bask in the sun to increase their body temperature. The insulation would prevent them from doing that.

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