Essay on The West Memphis Three Murder Trial

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"I see a perfect explosion, God's ammunition dump, going up in flames of righteousness, Satan storming heaven, his artillery captain, a fiercely grinning fool with red flayed cheeks, Damien by name, never to be Michael Hutchison again. The end is near. Kiss your ass goodbye people, it's time to pay up. Now is the judgment. I am the judge."-Damien Echols, (West Memphis Three Facts). The West memphis three is considered one of the most unfair trials in US history. On May fifth, three eight year old boys came up missing from their West Memphis, Arkansas homes. The next day, they were found brutally murdered in which appeared to be the attempts of a Satanic ritual. This lead to an opinion that only Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin, and Jesse …show more content…
Also, a cause of his death was the associated cuts and stab wounds to the genital area, and the non-therapeutic levels of the drug Carbamazepine found in the blood. All three boys had their wrists bond to their ankles by shoelaces,and had deep wounds on the buttocks. Due to the nature of the crime it was believed that it was part of a Satanic ritual performed by a cult. This led to the boys being the perfect suspects for the crime.(The West Memphis Three.)

The boys that were considered the main suspects, only got put on trial due to how they dressed and the type of music they listened too. Even the court case number (666)itself led to the boys. The size of the town made the fact that they wore black and listened to Metallica stand out more than it would in a city of decent size. Another strike against them was the fact that Damien Echols was known for his dabbling in different religions and Wicka,(Summary of Damien’s Mental Health History).When word got out that the murder of the three boys was an act of Satan worshipers, it was determined before a trial even took place that the boys were guilty.This belief stuck all the way through the trial ,leading to the jury having their decisions made before hearing any evidence or witnesses. People and celebrities from surrounding towns and cities saw this treatment as being unconstitutional and decided to support them.

The trial took place three and a half weeks after the bodies were found, even though it was determined that

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