The World of Comedy Among the British and the American Culture

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Exploring the world of comedy and its demands, by researching and understanding the inner nature of two different comedians, who came from two distinct cultures. It is important to research comedy to study both, the American and the British culture, in order to be inform, empowered, and most importantly to be able to make an educated decision based on your final view towards the British and the American humor.
Comedy is intended to be humorous, to make people laugh. When it comes to comedy in the form of television and film, comedians have to target themselves to come up with ideas that blend with the market. Every comedy it’s suitable for a particular audience that views it. On the other hand, the filmmakers and television executives are
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Lastly, between their forties and fifties, they finally gained popularity and rating and are now well known international comedy icons. The contrast between both comedians is the different struggles they both face, in reference to their roots and intended audience. What made Cheeck Marin popular in the Unites States was the use of humor with the theme of marijuana, along with his friend and also comedian Chong. In the USA the use of drugs, rock-and-roll, and sex was very popular in the 70’s and 80’s. People were able to relate. This is how we see in what way the duo; Cheech & Chong received a Grammy award back in the 80’s, among others. Another difference from Rowan Atkinson is the fact that Cheech was born in the United States of America. Americas role and its English language as a world leader, has strengthened Hollywood exports. Cinematic clustering, and the current crisis of European cinema, is partially rooted in the transition from silent film to talkies. According to Tyler Cowens’ Sources of Creative Global Culture working paper (Cowen 6). This explains why Cheech Marin only struggled to become famous in the US, but then he was known nationally as well as internationally. Rowan Atkinson instead had more struggles throughout his career. In 1983 the Blackadder was Britain’s history’s best sitcom. For the British community, the Blackadder was the highest of Atkinson’s career. Hollywood films have become successively

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