The Y2K Issue Essay

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Before 2000, there was a problem known as The Year 2000 (Y2K) facing the computer-related functions, which was the abbreviation of a four-digit year into two digits. Since Delta have to fix this issues, Mullin convinced Feld to take on the role of CIO at Delta until January 1,2000. Mullin and Feld committed to not only fix the Y2K issue, but to restore the Information Technology as a strategic tool in Delta. To lead the organizational transformation centered on the assumption of information in real time they created a small team that includes the senior executives- the chief financial officer, the executive vice president of customer service, and the head of airline operations (Wiell & Ross, 2004). The executive team was known by the …show more content…
A key component of the architecture was the Delta Nervous System (DNS), a middleware environment that captured and disseminated data to employees and applications (Wiell & Ross, 2004).
Delta Nervous System From 2000 through 2005 Delta started working on Delta Nervous System (DNS) a new information technology infrastructure, which cost Delta over $1.5 billion to develop. DNS intervened in the efficiency of almost every area of Delta’s operations. Connects databases that track everything from reservations and ticketing, to check-in and baggage handling, flight crew and operations. The approach used in the DNS was “publish and subscribe” approach. Whenever a certain data items change all applications subscribed to the DNS will be notified, so that employees will always have current data and information and consequently they have the ability to respond to changes as needed (Turban, Rainer & Potter, 2005). Connected through DNS, individual systems report new ticket reservation changes, and delayed flights, gate changes in real time. Software sends messages of every change occur to any system that needs it including the customers. Also any reservation ticket, for example, will be recorded in the financial systems of Delta and its boarding and flight records, among other systems.
Vicky Escarra, Executive Vice President for Customer Service,

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