Three World Views of Human Existence Essay

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According to Edward Wilson, the desire of mankind to explain their origins has led to three dominant worldviews that attempt to explain human existence and present condition. These three worldviews are God-centered religion, political behaviorism, and scientific humanism. However, these views fail to recognize another increasingly popular worldview known as Intelligent Design. Because the theory of Intelligent Design hinges on the premise that human existence is the direct consequence of a supernatural “intelligent designer” who designed the world and all of its complex organisms, that in turn are made up of complex parts designed purposefully by this “intelligent designer”, Wilson has lumped this theory in with the God-centered …show more content…
In fact, God-centered religion and political behaviorism, as they have no scientific basis for theory and cannot be proven by any application of the scientific method, are wholly incompatible with Darwinism and science at large. As individuals, the explanation is clearly not as black and white as it is for theologians, communists, and scientists. While Wilson points out that half of Americans do not believe in evolution by natural selection or evolution at all, some, if not many Americans believe in an ideal that lays somewhere in the gray area between religious dogma and science (par 10). The blindly held faith of religious doctrine has been ingrained into the human condition for centuries and will not be easily overcome, even with the continued accumulation of seemingly irrefutable evidence in support of biological evolution. Additionally, as an educated race of human beings, it is becoming increasingly impossible to bury our heads in the sand against the scientific proof for evolution. Therefore, individuals have attempted to adapt those segments of each theory that they find most acceptable and meaningful to the explanation of human existence and condition. They have found a way to cling to their traditional monotheistic religious beliefs, while accepting some aspects of scientific theory. Many believe, for example, that God

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