To His Coy Mistress Essay: An Act of Persuasion

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To His Coy Mistress: An Act of Persuasion       


In the poem by Andrew Marvell, he tries to persuade a lady of his love, that she should do as he wishes,  and give herself up for him.  In order to do so, he expresses his arguments in the poem being discussed.

         In the second line he starts off trying to persuade her,  by telling her that she really does want to give herself up to him,  but is too shy.  He reassures her, and tells her that this does not matter, and there is nothing wrong with it, however she must look beneath her coyness.  This seems to be his main argument, along with the concept of time
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“Thus,  though we cannot make our sun

Stand still,  yet we will make him run”


The poet also tries to convince “his” mistress to brake her coyness,  by telling her how pretty she is.  Andrew Marvell,  or the character he has created in his poem,  flatters his mistress by telling her how wonderful she looks,  and that he has no where enough time to do her full beauty justice.  This would also bring in the concept of time,  and again emphasise the lack of it to his mistress,  and hopefully aid him,  to persuade her that she should not be so coy.


“Two hundred to adore each breast;

But thirty thousand to the rest;

An age at least to every part,

And the last age should show your heart.”


Not only does the poet mention time with respect to his mistresses coyness,  but he also makes reference to in,  in order to give a metaphorical example of their love.


“My vegetable love should grow”


Their love will also grow like a vegetable.  This idea which

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