Truth, Justice and Reconciliation in Latin America Essay

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As the head of the national reconciliation commission in Latin America, I will be addressing the different pathways towards reconciliation. The different pathways towards reconciliation I will make my recommendation off of are the Truth Commissions, Justice, and Forgiveness. Additionally, to support my points and arguments towards the idea that Latin American should move forward with reconciliation is I will be discussing the case studies about Guatemala and Argentina. Drawing upon these case studies about Guatemala and Argentina will allow for me to back up the Truth Commissions, Justice, and Forgiveness pathways. With that said, since all these countries in Latin America are dealing with the effects of this horrible epidemic that …show more content…
The last limitation about the Truth Commission is it often does not allow their findings to be used in judicial trials in Latin America or around the world (Oglesby, 03.28.12). As one Guatemalan citizen explains what happened in her model village (Guatemalan military internment) during this countries political violence problem, it really ties into the Truth Commissions strategy. In fact, Lucia explains that her family in this village had nothing to eat, and the army controlled them completely. Since they were in this model village, they had no resources to survive and no way to protect them selves, which led to her father dying of sickness (“Guatmala Readers”. Pg.366). Additionally, the army had killed two of her brothers and two of her sisters. Since, that tragic moment in her life she and her other sister were enabled to rise up and join the guerillas. Lucia was twelve years old when she joined the guerillas and learned how to enter into combat, how retreat, and she learned how to use a gun from a M-16 to an AK (“Guatmala Readers”. Pg.366). Additionally, she had fought for eight years and this concludes how bad this genocide was in Guatemala because a twelve-year-old girl (Lucia) witnessed her family being killed by a government that is supposed to protect its citizens and not harm them. The citizens had to protect themselves some way and

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