Essay about Types of Data Collection for Healthcare

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Types of Data Collection for Healthcare
In any healthcare organization, data is collected in numerous ways for an ever-increasing number of reasons. Data may be collected by a monitoring device directly connected to the patient, or by providers as they make observations or record treatments. Quality improvement activities often call for data collection where observations of activities, timeliness, or satisfaction indicators are gathered. Data may be abstracted from primary sources and collected for unique reporting requirements, such as specialized registries or claims transactions. With the various types of data collected in many different methods for varied purposes, it is not surprising that data collection
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· Who is responsible for monitoring the quality of data collection?
· Are the appropriate people involved in the design of the data collection methodology?
· Is the use of the data clear?
· Who will maintain the data ownership record? How will owners participate in the collection process?
· Who will maintain the written data collection process/procedures?
· Are there other potential applications for this data in related or future areas?
· How much time will it take to collect the data?
· What impact will data collection have on staffing requirements?
Data Definition
· What data is required for the application?
· Who owns each data element?
· Is the data currently collected for another application? Is the data collected at the appropriate level of detail or granularity?
· How are definitions for each element determined? What process will be used to modify definitions?
· Who will maintain the data dictionary?
· How will data dictionary changes be communicated?
· Are the data elements uniquely defined?
· Is the source of each data element clear?
· Are there existing standards for the data elements and

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