Understanding Confucianism Essay examples

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Confucianism is a complex system of moral, social, political, and religious teaching built up by Confucius on the ancient Chinese traditions, and still is the state religion down to the present day. Confucianism aims at making not just a man of virtue, but the man of learning and good manners. The perfect man must combine the qualities of a saint, a scholar, and gentleman. Confucianism is a religion without positive revelation with a minimum of dogmatic teachings. Confucius was born in 551 BC, in what was then the fudal state of Lu, now included in the modern providence of Shang-tsung. His parents were not wealthy but still belonged to the “superior” class because his father was a warrior. Confucius was still a boy when his father died. …show more content…
Confucius possessed a noble, commanding personality. It is shown by his recorded traits of character, by his lofty moral teachings, and by the men he trained to continue his life work. They declared him the greatest of men, “the sage without flaw”, and the perfect man. He is described in “Analects”, VII, 18, as one “who in the eager pursuit of knowledge, forgot his food, and in the joy of attaining to it forgot his sorrow (Jaspers 10).” He was a man of affectionate nature, sympathetic, and very considerate towards others. He loved his disciples dearly, and in turn got their undying devotion. He was fond of vocal and instrumental music, and often sang. Confucius said that music is a primary factor in education. He says that the spirit of community is formed by the music it hears. In music he says that the individual finds the themes that order his life. Confucius is often held up as a virtuous man without religion. His teachings were chiefly ethical. Confucianism is humanism, a philosophy or attitude that is concerned with human beings, their achievements and interest, rather than with the abstract being and problems of theology. In Confucianism, man is the center of the universe. It says that man cannot live alone, but with other human beings. For human beings, the ultimate goal is individual happiness, and the necessary condition to achieve this is through peace. Confucius discovered the only way

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