Uses of Power Essay

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Power is a quality, a tool, and a weapon utilized for a variety of reasons. It is in the form of a quality in which it gives the possessor, a sense of control. In the form of a weapon, power is possessed in order to produce a negative environment of hurt and punishment. But, in the form of a tool, power may be used in order to gain something more, something positive. Thus, power creates a sense of superiority which may result in consequences on both side of the spectrum, the good or the bad. As one of the many uses of power, it is prominent and obvious that it is used with the aim of hurting or punishing an individual or a group of beings. With this particular intention, power has been evident to cause devastation in many. One evident …show more content…
With the power in hand to change the infrastructure of the powerful internet, political decisions are evident to greatly change the lives of many. Another such example of the false use of power is seen in the Canadian government. Some months ago when the Kyoto Protocol was being discussed, Canada’s Ministers of Environment decided it was optimal to withdraw from the righteous Kyoto Protocol. With this action, Canadian soil is now vulnerable to any harm done to it. The Canadian environment is not guaranteed to be protected by its inhabitants. With the power to make certain decisions, the land of our nation is jeopardized. But, it is not only the use of power causes harm; it is also sometimes the disuse of power which may cause destruction. As stated in Elie Wisel’s Peril’s of Indifference, not being able to use the resourceful gift of power resulted in the Holocaust: “And our only miserable consolation was that we believed that Auschwitz and Treblinka were closely guarded secrets; that the leaders of the free world did not know what was going on behind those black gates and barbed wire.” (Wisel, 445) This one statement speaks volumes about how the people in need were definite that the power of the free world was their saviour. But the disuse of power clearly resulted in the destruction of many Jewish descendants. Thus, it is clearly obvious that when people, institutions and governments are given the sense of

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