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This research paper consists of varying information coming from four published articles found on the internet related to whether the MMR vaccine causes Autism in children or not. According to the article MMR Vaccine (2010) in Black's Medical Dictionary, 42nd Edition there have been several studies and experiments performed and until this day, there is no direct link between the MMR Vaccine and Autism. Other researchers such as Robert M. Youngson (2004, 2005), who wrote in the Collins Dictionary of Medicine that: “No association has been demonstrated between autism and the use of the MMR vaccine.” (Youngson, 2004) An editorial by Stephen I. Pelton, published on March 15, 2010, in the Family Practice News Magazine stated he was happy that …show more content…
According to Black’s Medical Dictionary in 2010, in 1988 a vaccine known to us as the MMR was released to replace the single measles vaccine. This vaccine is a three in one vaccine, while the previous measles vaccine was just strictly for measles. This new vaccine is said to be given at 13-15 months of age, and also a booster must be readministered by 4-5 years of age along with “the pre-school booster doses against DIPHTHERIA, TETANUS and POLIOMYELITIS.” (Black's Medical Dictionary, 2010) Some minor symptoms may occur with this vaccine as with any other vaccine in general the child may report “malaise, fever, and rash” (Black's Medical Dictionary, 2010) which can occur immediately or take about “5-10 days after immunization.” (Black's Medical Dictionary, 2010) After this vaccine was released, there has been a significantly decreased amount of the population with any of these three diseases. Some researcher have imposed a relationship between the MMR vaccine and Autism, but there have been immense amounts of studies conducted in many countries which have failed to find this and any relationship between the two. Now, due to the fact that so many parents are scared and worried that the vaccine may lead their healthy child to developing the Autism disorder, many parents are refusing the vaccine for their child, and there

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