Vertigo Essay

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     Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo is a thrilling film filled with mystery and suspense. However, Hitchcock left many unsolved issues at the end of this film. In contrast, when comparing Vertigo to more recent films of similar genre’, mysteries are usually always solved and thoroughly explained by the end of the film. Ironically, Hitchcock’s failure to explain everything to the audience in Vertigo is one of the film’s best attributes. This lack of knowledge allows the viewer to use their own imagination and speculate as to what might or might not have become of certain characters.

     Vertigo boasted several different themes. However, the “Ideal Woman – Lost” theme was the most
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He immediately took Madeleine back to her car and placed her in the passenger seat. Then Scottie got very close to her face and whispered her name several times. Clearly he forgot that he was suppose to be a stranger to her. She was not suppose to know him and he was not suppose to know her. In addition, he had no reason to have known her name. His act of getting so close to her and calling her name was a clear sign that he deeply cared for her and was very concerned for her safety and well being. He definitely had more of an interest in her than a typical stranger would have in another passerby. Furthermore, the fact that he let his feelings surface was a sure sign that his obsessive behavior was taking over his entire personality. To top it off, he took Madeleine to his apartment, not a hospital, and proceeded to undress her entire body while she lay there unconscious. Obviously he ogled her naked body for an unknown period of time. He then removed the clips from her hair and tried to dry her hair. Finally, he carefully hung up each article of her clothing to dry. This is clearly an act of obsession and perversion. Faced with a similar situation, most people would either call for help or assist an injured person to the emergency room. Not Scottie, he used this particular situation to his full emotional benefit.

     A third example is the scene where Scottie is trying to make Judy over. He becomes a completely

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