War Photographer Essay

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‘’War Photographer’’ is a thought-provoking and mind gripping poem by Carol Ann Duffy. The poem revolves around the life of the photographer as he juggles between his two personas as he try to develop his photos and reminisce about the war torn countries, all the innocent people and the horrific and gory things he has witnessed. As the poem progresses and the pictures begin to develop the memories of pain and suffering from his past starts to unravel and becomes clearer and clearer. The main message the writer is trying to convey is the fact that through modern times news about the war is being published by the media in a truthful way that people feel less sympathy towards the innocent lives of the people dying all around the world. The …show more content…
it’s the same type of detachment he does when he takes the pictures to keep his emotions to himself and not get involved. ’’He has a job to do.’’ He takes he’s job very seriously and always does his best to stay out of the way of what ‘s happening around him. On line 15 the sentence that starts: ‘’He remembers the cries…….how the blood stained into foreign dust’’ is also a good quote to show his professionalism to his job. it’s a scenario that described the circumstances he took the photo from. He remembers the feelings that was being showed by the wife and husband. He is haunted by the woman’s cries and pleads of help to him and how he completely ignored them discarding any feeling of sympathy because he had to keep himself detached from this. There was nothing he could do to help. Similarly, the writer also felt contempt towards the modern civilisation and the people back home. They couldn’t care less to what was happening to all those people and he was frustrated cause of this. On line 20 he talks about how he is sending hundreds of pictures to his editor (he works for a newspaper) and he will only pick a few from all of those: ‘’ A hundred agonies…….from which his editor will pick out five or six.’’ He is angered by this idea because there is very little thought about the people in the pictures, the editor only chooses the ones he thinks are ‘’good’’ enough to

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