Essay about What are Chronic Diseases?

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Chronic diseases are very common. There are many different chronic diseases, each with

its own unique characteristics. Chronic diseases are defined as “a long-lasting condition that can

be controlled but not cured” (What is a Chronic Disease?). Most people live their entire life with

a chronic disease, yet they do not lose hope or faith in themselves.

One well known chronic disease is Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV. HIV is

commonly caused through sexual intercourse, but it is not always caused in this way.

Sometimes, a mother passes HIV to her child; therefore, the child is not responsible for their

diagnosis. HIV can be caused through sharing needles, infected blood in a transfusion, and many

other ways. Human
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Type 2 diabetes is the type of diabetes that one

develops throughout life. Type 2 diabetes is often brought on by poor lifestyle choices and can

usually be avoided. Type 2 diabetes is often caused by being overweight, being inactive, and

making poor food choices. A person who is diagnosed with diabetes must undergo many drastic

lifestyle changes. Before being diagnosed with diabetes, one may eat whatever they want and not

worry about how much sugar is in the food. After being diagnosed, the person may be forced to

watch what they eat, or they could possibly bring themselves to a near-death experience. We

often hear about people having a “blood sugar spike.” Often, a blood sugar spike is also referred

to as a “sugar crash.” A blood sugar spike is when someone consumes a large amount of sugar

and the body starts to react in a very dramatic way. When someone is having a blood sugar

spike, they may feel tired, lightheaded, they may feel confused, or they may have trouble


Parkinson’s disease is a very controlling chronic disease. “Parkinson's disease is a

degenerative neurologic disease” (Parkinson’s disease Overview). Parkinson’s disease is a tragic

chronic disease. Like many other chronic diseases, Parkinson’s disease takes a toll on the person

and the person’s family. Parkinson’s disease is a disease that gets worse with time. It slowly

takes over the nervous system and begins to control the brain. One with

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