Will Vaccines Cure the World's Health? Essay

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Unlike today’s society, people that lived during the 19th century had no protection against infectious diseases due to the lack of research and discoveries in the field of immunizations. However, when the 20th century arrived, Alexander Fleming revolutionized the medical world through the discovery of penicillin in 1928. Although penicillin managed to repel various diseases, it would not protect the world from future diseases. In addition, vaccines are meant to protect us from diseases like influenza, and chicken pox, but they also have life altering risks; therefore, vaccines should be encouraged but not required for school age children.
Due to human evolution, doctors are suggesting that children get vaccinated in order to prevent
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As an example, girls tend to be the most targeted to get vaccines due to different infections like the Human Papillomavirus. As a result, Merck and Co. have created the Gardasil vaccine to shield women from cervical cancer (De Soto). Other vaccines that are regularly administered, similar to the HPV vaccine, are utilized to treat shingles, mumps, and many other diseases that people contract within their lifetime. Because vaccines are now widely spread, children living in less developed countries like Africa, India, and Haiti now have the opportunity of growing up without the fear of dying pre-maturely. Not only that, but as we begin approaching the 21st century, scientists are now creating newer methods of receiving vaccinations. One of these methods is the creation of oral vaccines, which manage to prevent diseases because patients receive the same active ingredients found in regular injected vaccinations. The main reason that oral vaccinations were developed is to prevent contamination from used needles and syringes. In addition, with oral vaccinations in effect, parents in developing and less developed countries can vaccinate their children for a cheaper price.
Even though many people believe that the government has no authority to interfere with child vaccinations, the reality is that their only job is to protect people. The main reason that state governments mandate vaccinations is to ensure that children’s health is not at risk. According to Phil

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