William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Essay

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William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare puts Hamlet into a situation in which he must deal with the betrayal and murder of his father by his own family members. Shakespeare intends the audience to think that there was an unnatural relationship between Gertrude and Hamlet.

In act three, scene four; Polonius hides himself in Gertrude’s bedroom behind a tapestry. Polonius tells Gertrude to tell Hamlet nearly everything and be forthright with him. Hamlet comes into the room and
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He suspects that Claudius means him trouble and harm. Gertrude confesses that she is aware of the exile and then Hamlet exits, pulling Polonius’s body behind him.

There is some indication now of Gertrude’s involvement in the murder of King Hamlet. The audience has to assume that she is partly innocent; this is because Hamlet says “a blood deed! Almost as bad, good mother. As kill a king and marry his brother.” She responds in surprise “as kill a king?” and then asks Hamlet why he is being cruel to her. This gives the audience an impression that Gertrude is unintelligent and that she just needs the security of love and stability.

Shakespeare makes the closet scene (act 3, scene 4) more dramatic by including the appearance of the ghost and the fact that Gertrude cannot see it. The appearance of the ghost results in different reactions between Hamlet and Gertrude. The part that is interesting is that Gertrude cannot see the ghost although that she is sinful and she feels convinced that Hamlet is mad. Hamlet gets confused at why Gertrude cannot see or hear the ghost. Shakespeare makes the audience interested by making the ghost appear at that point. The death of Polonius is also an attempt by Shakespeare to enhance the plot.

Act three opens with a remark by the king, Claudius, who instructs Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, old school-friends of his nephew,

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