With Liberty and Justice for All? Essay

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There is an old saying “no matter how flat the pancake, there is always two sides”. After reading the essay written by Michael Kinsley titled “The Religious Superiority Complex”, I decided to further investigate General Boykin's comments and actions, to examine why our highly-decorated combat veteran was under attack. My skepticism about the article pressured me into probing his conduct further. I am conscious enough to know mainstream media can be one-sided and vow to collect verifiable evidence before passing or making a judgment. Could it be the General's comments were taken out of context? Did the General misuse his authoritative role? And finally, did the General disregard the establishment clause of the First Amendment, …show more content…
Article after article and page after page, my quest to find evidence, that his words were taken out of context failed. The General goes on in saying,“We in the army of God, in the house of God, kingdom of God have been raised for such a time as this”(Strand, 2003).
Welcome to the United Snakes
Land of the thief, home of the slave
Grant imperial guard where the dollar is sacred and power is God
(Brother Ali, Uncle Sam Goddamn) To add insult to injury, he demoralizes “their god” by alleging “I knew my God was bigger than his. I knew my God was a real God and his was an idol”(Strand 2003). The Deputy of Defense for Intelligence for the United States called “their god” a false god. How presumptuous! As I was absorbing the material, many conflicting thoughts rang through my head. First, we are a democratic society quilted together by multi-culture, multi-ethnic, and multi-religious persons. For the General to pronounce his ideology that the United States is a Christian nation, that we derive our power from Christianity, and demonstrates his faith that there is good and evil, dishonors the inheritance of the Constitution from our founding fathers. The U.S. Constitution provides to citizen's of the United States certain rights. Most notably, in this situation, our First Amendment Right. Our First Amendment Right

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