Writing Style is Important Essay

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Writing Style is Important

Contrary to popular conceptions of the term ‘style’, I have found that in the context of this class, as well as in the context of the books “Style Toward Clarity and Grace” by Joseph M. Williams and “The Elements of Style” by Strunk and White, that ‘style’ is not style in the sense that it is the way I write (in such as way as ‘everyone has their own unique style’). Style encompasses many elements to writing a cohesive, clear paper. However, I feel that in order to write a clear cohesive essay or paper, I must write in my own way, a way that I am familiar with. This may seem like it goes against something that would be in “The Elements of Style,” but it is not. Strunk and White clearly say in
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The books are also more concerned with grammatical correctness. Rules such as “Form the possessive singular of nouns by adding ‘s,” (Strunk and White, 1), and “Use proper case of pronoun,” (Strunk and White, 11) are rules that some may take as a given, but that doesn’t mean that some people won’t know them. The fact that they are written down in such a way that I could reference them if I am having trouble, is very helpful even though I consider myself to be a little more than somewhat grammatically sound. The grammatical suggestions and the form in white Strunk and White present them, is something that Williams strays away from.

Williams is very thorough in his conveyance of rules and style suggestions. For example where Strunk and White might say “Keep related words together,” (Strunk and White, 28) and “Choose a suitable design and hold to it,” (Strunk and White, 15), Williams will have a whole chapter (in this case two) dedicated to cohesiveness. Williams also does not just give one example and move on. In his book, he will have countless examples, rewrites of paragraphs and sentences, as well as somewhat mathematical understandings like, “Paragraph = Issue + Discussion.” (Williams, 92). To me, this is a much better way to present the lesson. If I only picked out one thing that I did not like about Strunk and

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